Client Testimonials

We at The English Craftsman are proud to display testimonials for our clients over the years. Many of our clients are more than happy to talk to prospective home renovators, or show the real finished product.

I just wanted to say thank you for the great work Toby and his colleague did with the double glazing.

In particular, we were really impressed with their attitude and the respect they showed for our “stuff”. Also that they kept us updated each day with a note as to what was going on.

We recently had some other work done on the house that left us with a bit of a sour taste in our mouth, so it was very nice to have the opposite happen with your guys.

Melika, Wellington

The expected high quality workmanship is evident, especially close up as I paint all the windows inside and out. Your staff were as usual prompt, considerate and tidy.

Last night the lounge with the new windows lost just three degrees over night!

Your tradesmen’s careful filling of the double glazing frames meant I had a minimum of filling and sanding so was able to get onto the painting fairly fast.

Thank you again for your clear and prompt action to deal with the number of unexpected problems. The windows look immaculate and retain heat very well.

David, Miramar

Thank you once again for the work retro-fitting double glazing to our sash window. We are very pleased with the quality craftsmanship and with the resulting improvement to our insulation. We estimate that noise has been cut by some 20 to 30, but more noticeably there has been a qualitative change in the noise coming in from outside.

The double glazing, using “Soundstop” glass and Argon filling, has dampened the noise and muffled the high pitch range so that the noise is less disruptive.

Additionally, we are now benefiting from much better warmth insulation and no more condensation dripping down the windows on cold mornings.

Andrew Allen, Petone

Thank you for the double glazing work on the windows. Looking and feeling good!

Sally Evers, Berhampore

Thanks Paul. Best wishes, and thanks again – we’re feeling [and seeing] the difference with our double glazing.

Don Locke, Brooklyn

We are very satisfied with the work you undertook and are now enjoying our “new” bedroom. We’ve had so many positive comments, both from people we know and those who have just been intrigued watching as they go past what has been going on in that very public of rooms!

We’d also like to purchase another bottle of the wood reviver and container of the beautiful wax. No doubt down the track we will also be in touch about further paint removal/wood restoration and Double Glazing.

Finally, thank you for the voucher that arrived in the main over the weekend. What a lovely surprise and very much appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your true craftsmanship (and for being such nice guys!)

Hannah and Cameron, Kelburn

Thank you for a great job with the double glazing and for cleaning up after yourselves so well each day – much appreciated!

Janet Upton, Miramar

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service fitting our eighty-year old brick home with double glazing and draught protection for nineteen windows. We felt it was a wise decision to settle for the argon gas between the panes of glass.

The benefits of this measure to improve the insulation of our home have been immediate and obvious. No more water pouring down the inside of a pane of glass!

I am a retired medical practitioner. In the course of hundreds of house-calls to sick children, I visited many places where it seemed to me that proper heating and insulation of flimsy houses would have done the patients as much good as treatment with antibiotics.

We have developed a much better understanding of these matters, and I think that before long people planning to buy a home will expect it to have double-glazed windows as a simple means of protecting their health and the health of their children.

(Dr) R M Ridley-Smith, Khandallah