Double Glazing Character Homes

We specialise at bringing modern double glazing into New Zealand’s oldest properties. Our team embraces the original look and protects the integrity of your character home.

Our System

In 2004, we developed a system that brought double glazing to New Zealand’s oldest houses. It works using the existing timber. Other companies have since picked up our system and brought it nationwide. However, we still remain the only company that specialises in character homes.

Different takes on our system can involve aluminium inserts, insufficient drainage, or poor craftsmanship techniques. These are often cost-saving measures that damage the precious timber. Over time they create problems such as leaks and rot. In contrast, we provide a premium tried-and-tested service. Our glass units are sealed to a ‘Storm Proof’ standard, and installed by qualified joiners with exceptional eyes for detail.

We also have the resources to repair damaged timber, create new joinery, and install the double glazing onsite. Unlike other companies, you won’t face extra charges for contracted labour. You deal entirely with us, and everything falls under our guarantee. See our Joinery page for more details.

Before starting any job, you should be familiar with the best practices outlined by BRANZ. In a publication on double glazing, they recognised us as industry experts. You can be sure that we are setting industry standards.

BRANZ - Double Glazing

BRANZ – Double Glazing ‘Good Repair Guide: Insulating Timber Windows’

Our Process

Unlike other companies, we foster long term relationships with our clients. If you are open about your expectations, we will be sure to exceed them. Part of this involves guaranteeing our work. Our craftsmanship is covered for 5 years, and the glass is covered for 10.We will arrange a free consultation to discuss your requirements. After this, we compile a fixed price quote for you to review.


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