Cedar Restoration – CD50

Cedar is a wonderful building material, it is resistant to mould and highly insulative. Despite what people say, however, you still need to maintain it. This is because the wood degrades in UV and naturally attracts spores in the air, that can eventually cause it to rot. Around every 8-12 years, you should clean off the spores and re-apply a finishing oil. We use CD50.

SARAClean & CD50

We use two innovative products designed to restore and protect the cedar in your home. The first of these is a specialised moss and mould killer that penetrates deep into the timber and removes the spores that have taken root. We apply it as a fine spray and wash it down with a pressure washer.

The results at this stage are immediate, and the timber will look like new. However, leaving it like this means the cedar is unprotected, which is why we apply the CD50 finishing oil. Unlike paints and stains, CD50 doesn’t form a surface coating, and won’t flake or peel. Instead, it coats the cells of the wood with a microbe and water resistant barrier, stabilizing the timber and preventing it from future warps or rot.

You can see further information about these products as well as examples of their use on the CD50 website.

Our Process

The work we do can largely depend on the condition of your cedar. If you have an exsiting stain, we need to remove this before we can apply the SARAClean and CD50, otherwise the oils won’t penetrate the wood. For this, we use our own specialised exterior paint remover.

If your cedar is already bare, or has an existing oil on, we can go straight to the SARAClean. Once the timber dries out, we apply the CD50. It needs two coats over a 4-8 week period, and you can chose between a ranged of coloured tints, or let it grey naturally over time.

Once the second coat is on, you can extend its life by annually washing it down with a garden hose. This simply wash away any dirt or spores trying to take root.


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